The evaluation of the program was continuous during the implementation of the whole timetable of the program. All the results of the evaluation are posted in our webpage.

Particularly, the evaluation can be divided in the following sections:

(a) Initial Evaluation will be held through a discussion in webinar with the representatives of the organizations and through the webinar with the participants of this project in October 2020 and on May 2021 respectively.

(b) Next evaluation was done from the participants during first days of the Training through discussion.

(c) A second evaluation from the participants was done on the last day of the activities (20 of June 2021) through a questionnaire with multiple choice answers, open type questions for each activity and as far as the whole project until that time. Results of this evaluation can be found in the following file. 

(d) A more accurate evaluation in addition to the abovementioned, will be done through a general report which must be written by all the organisations to evaluate our activities, as well as the meeting venue, the meals, the social events and generally all the logistics and all the stages. The evaluation of the organizations will come through the reports and the dissemination that participants will do in their countries concerning the results of the program.