Partners organizations

Zespol Szkol Salezjanskich DON BOSCO we Wroclawiu (Poland)

Zespol Szkol Salezjańskich is co-educational comprehensive school meeting the needs of children of all abilities from 3-19 years. The school has existed since 2017. It includes a Salesian kindergarten, as well as a Salesian elementary school, middle school and high school. All these units are public, so it will be possible to save them free of charge children or youth from both entire Wrocław and other parts of the Lower Silesia Voivodship. School .

The school is built on the basis of Private Salesian High School, from where it draws its didactic background. The teaching staff comes from Private Salesian High School.

The school strives to ensure that every student personally experiences a happy atmosphere that will help them to leave the school with a high level of confidence in their own abilities, as well as excellent examination results. These goals are delivered through a strong pastoral system, excellent learning and teaching and an extensive range of sporting, cultural, physical and social extra-curricular activities.

The school offers opportunities for students involvement in activities which take place after school, at weekends and at holiday time. The salesian school has equipped laboratories for the study of nature, theater halls. Students from film club run radio broadcasts, interviews. Salesian School aims to use new technologies in education, the development of ICT skills among students and teachers. Therefore classrooms are equipped with boards InterWrite. Teachers have received training in the use of this tool in their work.

Students during film and radio clubs create films, broadcasts using various computer programs and are taught to perform professionally photograph and manipulate them.Videos are posted on youtube channel TVSLO WROC.

The school took first place in the V National Student Film Review 2013; Third Prize in the category of amateur films at the XXIX International Catholic Film Festival and Multimedia - Niepokalanów 2014.

Our school took first place in the National Competition "From Radio Free Europe to the free Polish. 100. hundredth anniversary of the birth of Jan Nowak-Jeziorański" on the radio report.

Students participated in photography club did their own exhibition.

Zespol Szkol Salezjańskich has very rich activities for students: students participate in ecological project led by Polish Ecological Club.

The school is organizer regional competition: ZLOTE PIORO ( In the competition students prepared their own essays. The Best ones where awarded.

The school cooperates with SP6ZWR. Rescue Spaces Club. They jointly organized the flight of the stratospheric balloon and ARISS Project where students contacted directly by radio wave to astronaut on International Space Stadion.

The school has organized science lectures since 2003 in the framework of the League of Science, which invites all schools of Wroclaw. The lecture done at schools are recorded and located on youtube. After all lectures researcher scientists provide interview to students.


Scout Society is an organisation founded in 2011 with the primary goal of educating young people through non-formal education in order to become active citizens in their local communities. We have around 10 board members and more than 20 active volunteers and 80 members who activate occasionally.

Our members have extended experience in working with youth, averaging 8 years of volunteering experience with the local NGOs (ex. Students League C. Brancusi University), national (ex. National Organization of Romanian Scouts;) and

international (ex. AIESEC, UNICEF).

Members and volunteers of our organisation are experienced in

organizing and implementing various activities like Comenius project in Turkey,

Youth Exchanges TIA/ERASMUS+ in Romania and abroad, Strategic Partnerships KA2, Small Collaborative Projects (on Sports).

Scout Society members developed abilities and gained experience as youth workers, project coordinators, facilitators, logistics management, project writters, photographers, video editors, lobby&advocacy, marketer.

The organisation is constantly working with young people using non-formal methods and promoting multiculturalism, promoting European principles:

democracy, freedom of expression and human rights.

One of the objectives of our organisation is to reach and positively influence as many young people from our local community, country and Europe.

We are in progress of building our own Youth Center where we will be able to host and implement projects

.SCOUT Society grants great importance in collaborating regarding development of projects - especially exchange of experience between young people.
We implemented more than 15 Youth Exchange projects on topics like : Sports and Active Lifestyle, Multiculturality, Diversity and Social Inclusion, Democracy, Entrepreneurship, Employability.
We participated in more than 20 Youth Exchanges and 10+ TC on topics like : Sport, Crafting, Active Citzenship, Diversity and Social Inclusion, Democracy, Entrepreneurship, Ecology (for YE) and Non-Formal Methods, Quality Aspects of Mobility of Youth Workers Projects, Improving Quality in Erasmus+ Projects, European Solidarity Corps (for TC).
We work also in developing new tools and non-formal education methods : for example "Speaker's Corner" a KA2 project where we developed a new educational exercise to be used by youth workers in order to develop life skills, public speaking skills, listening skills.
Sport is a core pillar in our educational system that we provide to young people, includingparticipation in competitions, outdoors sports and outdoors education. We have examples as in thelast 5 years we have participated and organized multiple youth exchanges that promote sport as away of life that encourages a healthy life style. We participated in the following YE projects on sport:Blue sports, Nature Sports, Warm hearts; and our last project on sports was "Fight with sportsagainst sedentarism".
Our latest project is a Small Collaborative Project on Sports that will be implemented in 2019 with other 4 partners. We will make 2 conference, 1 training, 5 competitions with traditional or specific sports (in each country Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia).
Presently members of our association work in developing new projects on topics like Vocational Orientation, Coaching, Communication, Non-Formal Methods, Language Learning, Outdoor Education, Emotional Intelligence and many more. For the October 2018 Deadline we applied with 11 projects.
In 2018 we have worked with more than 250 volunteers in our projects.


The Centre for Rural Development - SEE is an organization from the town of Struga located in the south-western part of the country. The premises are shared with 2 more organizations so we cut costs for our offices.

CRD-SEE aims at utilizing an idea in order to develop good projects that meet the requirements of the organization.

We aim to improve the conditions of people living in rural areas, especially in the western part of the country and promote inclusiveness and coexistence among minority groups who live there. In addition, we foster cross border cooperation between our country and neighbouring countries. Our goal is to promote tolerance and honour the traditional heritage while adopting European values and to support active citizenship. Another one of our objectives is to develop the rural areas in North Macedonia so as to open employment possibilities for young people, and inspire young people to engage in entrepreneurship themselves. Being competitive at the labour market, as well as taking on an entrepreneurial spirit will improve the situation of young people living in these rural areas and promote their personal and social development

The majority of the activities of Centre for Rural Development - SEE refer to several main areas:

- Promotion of non-formal education through intercultural learning and international youth exchanges;

- Strengthening civil society, citizenship and democracy in rural areas;

- Promotion of rural tourism and agriculture;

- Active role of youngsters in promoting rural environments;

- Cross border cooperation;

- Multiethnic, multilingual, multicultural and multi-religious;

- Promotion of Culture and art.

The main activities of our organization are:

- Promotion of rural areas - in our NGO we have a team of volunteers who cooperate with our EVS volunteers on making videos for the rural areas around Struga. We visit one village a week and we prepare materials (photos, videos, interviews, etc.) which our team uses to create a promotional video about that particular village. The second part of our task is to promote said videos. Our YouTube Channel is promoted on all social media so that we can reach a bigger audience.

- Promotion of Europe and the possibilities offered by EVS and Erasmus plus - Every month we visit schools in Struga and its region making presentations about Europe, Erasmus plus and EVS. We have already prepared presentations about Erasmus plus and EVS, as well as promotional videos of our EVS volunteers abroad.

- Participating and organizing youth exchanges, training courses and other kinds of projects supported by Erasmus plus for KA1 and KA2. In addition, we have been involved in the previous programme under the European commission - Youth in Action


Institute of Youth Power is a Non-Profit Organisation from Rijeka, Croatia. As informal group IYP exists from 2015. Since February 2018. it's registered as a non-governmental organisation/association. Main fields of work are youth and Erasmus+ programme. IYP has been founded by four active youth workers coming from different areas and background. Main fields which we cover are entrepreneurship, sustainability, leadership, youth unemployment, digital skills and sport through formal and non-formal education methods and tools.

Our main aims are promotion of personal development of young people through educational programs of the European Union, developing non-formal education, intercultural dialogue and civil society. Furthermore, we draw the attention to lifelong learning and importance of networking, broadening of horizons, through provoking and creating new ideas.

We aim to encourage social change by involving youth with different social backgrounds and making it possible for everyone to understand the concept of social integration. Moreover, we are especially focused in finding job opportunities and support additional courses for all marginal groups.

Lastly, we aim to improve quality of life of youth through volunteering activities and professional work with promotion of healthy ways of life. Also, important issues we tackle are promotion of tolerance, solidarity and active citizenship. We are keen to promote development of rural areas and to involve youth that face with different obstacles.

As the biggest sending NGO in Croatia we aim to provide the highest quality of support and services to the youth in Croatia. Thus, we aim to have the best possible cooperation between both partners and participants. Croatia is one of the European Union countries that has the highest unemployment rate among young people. Almost 7% of young people are unemployed in Croatia. Many young people left the country to find jobs that are paid well and according to the job offered. We, as youth non governmental organization tackle the problem by involving young people into different projects about employability, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc. Moreover, we encourage young people to step into entrepreneurship world, especially with social impact. With couple of local partners, we organise different local activities presentations and workshops for local community. Different topics are covered with those events like entrepreneurship activities, Erasmus+ opportunities, social media, volunteering actions, conferences (ex. LEAP Summit in Zagreb), workshops about making CV, focus on how to be successful during job interview, etc. As an example, we organise Erasmus+ info days in Rijeka and Zagreb, business plan writing workshops for small groups, social media behaviour skills teaching etc. In Rijeka, we cooperate with Youth Club (Klub Mladih), High School Dormitory "Sušak" and in Zagreb with University of Zagreb and Youth Centre Zagreb. From 2018. we cooperate on KA205 project "Start it Up, Keep it Up" that aim to bring together social entrepreneurs among with their mentees to exchange good practice and create intellectual output. 

Young Folks LV (Latvia)

Young Folks LV is the youth organization with the main branch based in Riga, Latvia. The organization was established in 2012; Young Folks LV started as an informal youth group, but since July, 2014, Young Folks has become an official NGO. The target audience of the organisation is young people aged between 13 and 25 years. The organisation has 20 leaders and 180 participants from 13 to 25 years old, as well as children from 2 to 12 years old, parents and friends; the total number of participants of the youth organisation exceeds 1000 persons. Nowadays, Young Folks has their branches not only in Riga, but also in such cities as Liepaja and Daugavpils. The mission of the organization is to assist the youth in finding their way in life in order to be happy. Leaders from various groups (photographers, artists, volunteers, dancers, actors, journalists, chefs, designers, teachers, project group etc.) form the structure of Young Folks. The main methods used in the work with the youth are as follows:

• Children teaching children

• Travelling around the world

• Lifelong learning

• Connecting generations

• Carrying out projects

• Organizing events

• Gaining real life experience

Young Folks begun to organise first events in 2013 and since then the organisation has organized more than 289 events for young people with the aim to involve them into the social life of the city, to encourage the socialization and their self-development. The list of the most important events and projects follows below:

In 2013, Young Folks undertook 68 events, such as: creative evenings for young people, film-screening, cooking activities, language classes, art workshops, trip to Saint Petersburg, as well as a trip to Armenia within the "Youth in Action" project "Healthy Urban Life", where eight youngsters from Young Folks have participated ).

In 2014, Young Folks organized and realized 147 events, among which: eight-days trip to Norway, trip to Lithuania, language classes, the course "Profession School", the project called ''What do the buildings of Riga whisper?'' supported by the Riga City Council. The main goal of this project was to develop the creative and painting skills of 20 participants aged 14-20 years. As the result of the project, the exhibition of more than 30 works of arts was shown in the "Diatom Art" art gallery.

September, 1 2014 Young Folks became one of the four finalists of the project ''Reach for Change"; as a result, Young Folks were included as a participant of business incubator with their project "Youth Centre of Social Entrepreneurship". The main idea of the project is children teach children. Therefore, within this project the youth give language classes and various workshops.

In 2015, 150 events have been realized. The largest projects included the creation of "Summer School" that lasted from June to August. In addition, in June another trip was organized to Norway. As concerns Erasmus+ projects, youngsters from Young Folks went to Estonia. Moreover, a group of eight youngsters made a trip to Denmark for volunteering job in the theatre festival organized by DNS (Denmark). This festival included participants of 15 Danish schools, which is approximately 500-600 participants. It was socially responsible project, as a part of the participants were children with disabilities. Another trip to Denmark took place in August-September, when two groups of eight people came to Denmark within the "Olympic Games 2015" in Tvind. One group of youngsters participated in the sport competitions and won 12 medals. The other group were volunteers, who organised events during all the period of sport competition. 450 persons participated in this event.

Associação Nó Górdio (Portugal)

Nó Górdio is an association founded in 2015.

The purpose of the association is to provide services of a moral, cultural and material nature to persons and groups that lack them, developing activities to protect children, youth, the elderly, the family and the community, pursuing their well-being through solidarity and help.

Our Association will develop to the good of the whole.

We promote, organize and develop social activities and / or events, with recreational, formative, cultural, social and competitive purposes.
We promote the exchange and cooperation with national and foreign associations and institutions that pursue objectives identical to those of the association.
We have participated (and we are still participating) in several Erasmus + projects selecting the adequate participants, doing all the preparation of the participants and support them with travel and other issues to implement the projects. We did/do the forward steps to disseminate and divulgate the results of the projects.


Jump in is a concept regarding different ways of LIVING OUR POSSIBILITIES increasing the value of diversity respecting of our personal ambitions. We invest on the young's and we pay attention to their voices, as an essential source of new ideas, creativity and artistic expression. Over national boundaries and stereotypes, we want to promote interculturality that is a key value of our work. Moreover, we strongly want to enrich ourselves with our diversity.

JumpIn is a non-governmental Association which delays with:

• education activities (education projects in schools and on an extra-schools basis throughout a non- formal education method focused on active citizenship, European conscience, against racism and xenophobia, human rights principles);

• cultural events (conference, seminars, cineforum, concerts, art exhibitions);

• intercultural activities (programme and projects of youth mobility, education on international topics, promotion of different cultures in Italy and abroad, welcome activities of tourists and foreigners, promotion of Youth in Action Programme);

• Territorial promotion (promotion of its typical aspects, its artists, tourism, sport activities)

• The mission of education activities consists of providing non-formal education opportunities for young people involving as many as possible and trying always to involve others that have never participated before. Our aim is to help youngsters develop their transversal competences (life skills) by using non-formal learning tools. We try to educate youngsters to a peaceful cohabitation with people coming from different cultures, countries and social conditions by giving them the opportunity to confront themselves with others in an intercultural environment, which stimulates the development of a social conscience.

Among our key priorities are: raising young people' s awareness of the aching problems of our world, integration of socially disadvantaged and disabled people, fostering human rights, gender equality and intercultural dialogue.


• To provide challenging intercultural learning experiences for young people.

• To promote their social and personal development through international volunteer programmes

• To promote intercultural understanding, equality of opportunity, tolerance and peace among people in the world

• To promote vocational education and training for learners and staff


• Justice for all persons who suffer from social, political, economic and personal injustice;

• Break through the barriers between cultures and peoples;

• The principle of equality among cultures, nations and sexes;

• Providing experiences that will encourage international and intercultural understanding;

• Helping participants to become aware of the issues and problems in the local and national community in order to better understand world-wide socio-economic-political issues and problems;

• Encouraging commitment to act on these understandings, both during the exchange experience and beyond.

• Develop skills among young people for increasing expertise

JUMP IN carries out its activities in collaboration with organization, universities and associations at national and international level.
- Educational activities: training courses, continuing education courses, informational activities; JUMP IN has experience organization for creating, developing and implementing non - formal education methods which means that for transfer knowledge and engage groups we use: artistic tools (for ex.: teather, music, painting and etc), innovative approach (ex.: design thinking, gamification in education, think - thank and etc), and using the technology as medium for non - formal education (ex.: e - sport, armchair research and etc.)and more. We have clear goal to spread education, culture and to work on personalities general development. We arrange lots of courses and workshops to enable young people to acquire skills and professionalises through using new and non-formal education methods that stimulate learning, creativity and transfer skills useful even for future. Jump and the use of innovative methodologies: JUMP IN in the past years has become one of the leaders in creating and using innovative methodologies and approaches in different projects. One of the most used and pushed approaches is design thinking and gamification.
VET PROJCTS: In collaboration with the trade unions in our territory, together with the support of the local municipality we are promote vocational education for learners and staff. By now we have a list of companies in several areas as: environment, software engineering, accounting and economy, law practice, marina, agriculture, tourism and agri tourism, hospitality management, administrative management, social workers, health, psychology and education.MEDIATORE IN European Students Network traineeship programComing from our collaboration with the companies from our territory, during the summer we are helping a lot of students from all around the world to find trainership placement in some of the companies that are willing to receive international trainee in their team.Cultural activities, to support and promote cultural projects:- Ensuring the operation of social assistance programs in the community;- Creating and editing books, periodicals, flyers, posters, booklets, software applications and other informative materials that are related to the purpose of the association;- Promoting and providing educational programs and professional training programmes - qualification, requalification, continuous professional training, specialization- Offering a professional, assisted framework of carrying out volunteering programmes addressed to the young population with the purpose of guidance, training, continually training, and specialization.
EMPLOYMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIPJUMP IN Association is located in an area (south of Italy) that is facing challenge with unemployment, like an outcome we have numbers of youth that is with few opportunities facing the economical and cultural obstacles. We discover that our youth should invest their skills in the cutting edge fields like informatics, get skills in design thinking, learning about new technologie, (VR, 3D printing, AI and similar). Service for disable and socially disadvantaged groups. JUMP IN has developed several projects throughout its existence, from which we highlight the work with disable people, developing competencies and also helping in the therapeutic work and recovery. Our group of work has many specialists in different areas like: occupational therapy, psychology, social assistance, pedagogy, communication, physical education and formation, dance, theatre and music among others. We offer support and tools required for the rehabilitation of people with mental disabilities and for the promotion of health in the area. Main achievements and results : -supporting 100 socially disadvantaged students;- offering free additional training for students with poor results in school; - offering free additional training for students capable of performance;- offering authorized Menthor - coaching courses for 40 teachers/engineers/graduates of higher education; - running training projects for disadvantaged students - organization of environment protection actions , awarding the best volunteers - education of youngsters to protect environment and to develop their skills for sustainable development and cultural diversity protection -entrepreneurial counseling and advice for young graduates that want to start independent - productive activities


Asociacion Egeria Desarrollo Social is an association open to young people and adults regardless of their economic, social, religious or cultural background focused on feminism and human rights education, located in Malaga (Spain). We work in gender equality education, prevention of gender-based violence and women empowerment, also human rights in general. We promote nonformal education as a tool to create a positive impact in the society.

Our main goals are:

-Contributing to the construction of a free discrimination society.

-Promoting critical thinking and analysis in young people

-Promoting feminism, human rights defense, culture, and knowledge. As per as education in values and international culture to create a positive impact on the society.

-Promoting women participation in politics and public space.

-Raising awareness, training and integrating young people.

-Promoting women entrepreneurship, employment, and self-employment

-Working against inequalities and implement/increase social justice

We belong to Agora Women Federation, Municipal Women Council, Provincial Women Council, Andalusian Women Council, COMPI (National Coordinator of Women Association for participation and equality) and UNITED against racism network

.We have experience in Erasmus+ (KA1 and KA2) and local projects focused on youth participation, educational programmes, intercultural understanding, entrepreneurship, employability, human rights, but also art, sport and culture which we more often utilized as the working method, too.
As a feminist organization our main work is questioning the reality and society and combat misogeny. Our goal is changing society and we joint the hate speech compaing of the council and the sexist hate speech.
Within our activities, we promote and apply principles of volunteering, social inclusion, equality in human dignity, participation and empowerment of minorities, active initiatives, non-formal education and informal learning, within young people and as well with adult people. Especially we work on the promotion of gender equality among young people and women rights. We especially focus on a broad range of women's issues, including economic justice, pay equity, racial discrimination, women´s health and body image, women with disabilities, reproductive rights and justice, family law, LGTBQI rights, representation of women in media and global feminist issues. We promote gender mainstreaming in all the project which we participate and we give gender perspective to them. Additionally we promote social economy specialy focused in research about feminist economy participating in several conferences about the topic.