Our Team

Project Manager: Nikolas Nikolaou

Nikolas Nikolaou (president of NGO ACPELIA) will have the main coordination of the program and actually he is the one that he will have in mind the whole procedure with partners organisations and he is going to keep timetable as an expert project manager. Due to the fact that he is an successful as a coach and organizer in his personal life as we can see from the small CV that follows he is going to have 2 evenings training of youth workers about his experience in coaching.

President of our Organization (Mr Nikolas Nikolaou, physics teacher in high school, BSC, Msc in Chemical Engineering National Technical University of Athens and MSc, Bsc in the University of Cyprus at Physics department) has previous experience by taking part in many seminars and actions related to Environment, Non Formal Education, Entrepreneurship and Discrimination. He organized and participated in several European programs which are doing with Non Formal Education such as: Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion 2013 - 2015, Youth Exchange in Youth in Action Program, 2013 - 2015, Cyprus, www.ccafaf.webnode.com, Non Formal Environmental Education, https://www.nofee.webnode.com/, Training for Youth Workers, Erasmus Plus , 2015, Save Our Environment Save OurSelves, https://sites.google.com/view/soesos/home, double youth exchange about green entrepreneurship, 2018 - 2019; Another Way, KA205, Erasmus Plus program in adults education about another way of designing touristic and cultural paths for blind people. Erasmus Plus program with 4 countries (beneficiary country Italia) Project Manager of the program. As well as several local environmental and Science projects with groups of young people, many of them can be found in his website: www.nikolas-nikolaou.net. Also Nikolas is coordinating the biggest students and teacher annual Conference about Natural Sciences that is a yearly conference in Cyprus with the participation of more than 1000 students and more than 300 teachers. He manage to coach a team of the organised committee and to make them all doing well for 10 years now that is taking place the Conference starting alone and now has a big team to coordinate.

Trainer: Stella Komodromou

Stella Komodromou is going to be the main trainer of the program in our seven mornings for the seven subjects of our program. Stella is Environmental Scientist, volunteer in European projects through several organizations. She is an expert in non-formal activities, volunteer in the organisation, youth worker and trainer in several projects and themes of our organisation. As youth worker she took part in the following Erasmus Plus Programs: Give value to our land (Limassol, Cyprus, 2012), Biodiversity and Active Learning (Limassol, Cyprus, 2013), Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion (Cyprus 2014), Non-Formal Environmental Education (Cyprus, 2015), Connecting the Alps with YOURopean habitats (Austria, 2016), SEMEP, South Eastern Environmental Mediterranean Program (Romania, 2017), Save Our Environment Save OurSelves (2018 - 2019), Another Way, Trainer of the program.

Trainer: Katerina Daniil

She has a B.A. Degree in Classical Studies at the University of Cyprus, M.A. Master in Classical Philology at the University of Cyprus and studies LLB Laws at the University of London. She was a teacher of Secondary Education of Greek Language and therefore she had the experience of working with youths. She has been working as a legal assistant at her family's Law Firm since 2012. She speaks Greek, English, French and Spanish. She has leadership skills which help her to motivate and coordinate a team, organizational and managerial skills, extensive and creative thinking, composition skills, planning, investment-conferral of initiatives and responsibilities, collaboration skill and persuasion. Additionally, she is very energetic with a positive spirit, she has social interaction skills, flexibility, willingness, and confidence. She pays attention to detail and perseveres in achieving goals. Furthermore, she has active participation in the Organization since she composes projects for local and European implementation, such as "OUT OF THE BOX" (European program of Non-Formal Education), where she will be a trainer on March 2021 in Limassol-Cyprus. Katerina has participated and still participates successfully in a lot of Erasmus programs  as participant, leader or trainer.