Tasks In Pissouri

On Monaday evening certain tasks were given to the participants so to be able to learn the place that the training would take place and also for team building to learn theirselves and to learn also the others. Photos of this activity can be found in the gallery that we have at the end of the page. The tasks were given as followed: 

Tasks for the teams in village Pissouri - Team Building

Teams they have to do following tasks 😊

Task 1

In the square of the village there is a graphical fountain with some art on it? What is the name of the fruits that there are on it (not real but sculped one)? Can you find the history that is behind this fountain? Some villagers may help you. Take a photo of the group in the fountain with all your group with name TASK 1.

Task 2

Near our venue there is a small church with a big hagiography of the Virgin Mary embracing us. Can you find it? What is the name of the church? We need one photo of the group from the garden in the yard of the church with the name TASK 2.

Task 3

There is a point of view in the village. Where is it? Can you find it? Go there and take a photo of the view from this point (TASK 3 the name of the photo).

Task 4

We are leaving in a lovely hotel but there is one hotel which is in the top of the hill? What's the name of that hotel? Can you visit it to see the view from there? What's the name of that hotel? Can we have a photo of the hotel named TASK 4?

Task 5

Also, Pissouri is growing and there are a lot of restaurants. In Pissouri square there is a restaurant named VRAKAS. What that means? How is this restaurant rely on the history and traditions of Cyprus? What is the name of the owner of the restaurant? It will be plus if you have a photo with the owner of this restaurant in Pissouri square with all of your group (Task 5).

Tasks 6

What is the main church of the village? Can you find it? (there are a lot of churches and small churches in the village but we want the main one. A photo of the group in the church is a must for our tasks (Task 6)

Task 7

In the square there is a traditional coffee shop where you can find a lot of villagers discussing for different themes. What the name of the owner of the shop?

Task 8

Communal Amphitheater of Pissouri is a new amphitheater with old designing (coming from ancient theaters); find it and find the place that you can talk and hear you in all over the place. A photo of this place with your group or a member of the group on it will be your task 8

Task 9

Each village has a community council and community council's offices. Find the offices of the village community council and learn which is the name of the president of the community council. If you are lucky maybe you will also find the president to have a photo with him as a group (Task 9)

Task 10

There is one bank in the village, is the village bank open daily? If not opening daily which days is opened and what hours?

Task 11

Pissouri last 40 years started to be a touristic place and in Pissouri there is an Inn and restaurant which it was the first that opened and is opened from the beginning of the touristic period in Pissouri without stopping period. Is this restaurant opened today? What is the name of the restaurant? Can we have a photo of your group in the gardens of the restaurant? Task 11 it has to be the name of the photo.

Task 12

In the village there is a cultural center with a marvelous café in it and a panoramic view (maybe not in the center but somewhere in the edge of the village). What is the name of the café? Do you know what that means? You have t find where it is and have a photo of the place to prove it (Task 12) that your group was there.

Task 13

Can you discover what is the most popular food in Cyprus and in Pissouri? Is there any restaurant which is specialized in this food? Which restaurant is the favorite place for Cypriot habitats of Pissouri?

Task 14

In Pissouri square there are 2 Monuments in the village. Can you also find the reason of the monuments? Where is it? Who was it and what he has done so to have a monument in Pissouri village?

Task 15

Is there a hospital in the village? Or doctor? Can you learn about the situation of health care in Cyprus? Is there any office that we can work on it?

Task 16

What is the most popular fruit of the village? Can you find some of these fruits for photo? (Task 16)